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Commission Rebates.

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We are one of the few realtors that give cash rebates to homebuyers throughout the Chicago area.

• You get part of the commission that the seller's agent pays us* 
• We give you a higher percentage on more expensive homes
• You can get up to 50% of our commission
• We give a far more generous rebate than our competitors

How Much Cash Can You Get?

Another Way To Get Cash!

How would you like us to give you 100% of our commission?

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• A brilliant alternative to our normal commission rebate program
• You pay us an hourly rate and you get the commission!
• Makes the most sense for buyers that know exactly what they want and don't need much help.

We may be the only real estate brokerage that will work by the hour. Some people who thought they would buy a house without a realtor ultimately decided that this was the best way for them to pocket most of the real estate commission after all.

Please contact us by phone or Email  for our current hourly rate.

You can get cash AND better service.
Your agent will:

  • Become an expert on your goals and be your single point of contact throughout the entire transaction
  • Take care of all busywork - e.g. schedule showings, gather information on properties of interest
  • Identify property issues before you write an offer
  • Know what questions to ask about homeowner's associations, property repairs and maintenance, home systems, etc...
  • Keep the transaction on track by monitoring the progress of each step
  • Ask additional questions during the home inspection to ensure issues are fully understood
  • Provide objective advice on property values

Frequently Asked Questions

How many different people will handle my home purchase?

Unlike some other brokerages that place you on an assembly line we assign you one real estate agent who will become an expert on what you are looking for. They will be your single point of contact throughout the entire home purchase.

As a home buyer do I have to pay a commission to my real estate agent?

No. Home buyers' realtors are paid a cooperating real estate commission by the listing agent/ seller. Rebates are taken from this commission.

Why is Lucid Realty willing to give up part of its commission?

Real estate commissions are actually quite generous so there is plenty of room to share them with home buyers. And we would rather give money back to home buyers than spend it on extravagant marketing.

Will your realtors still work as hard for me if they are making less money?

We have a stellar reputation despite giving commission rebates. And our realtors actually make more than the average Chicago area realtor because they spend more time doing deals and less time trying to get clients. Clients come to us on their own because of what we provide.

Why don't other real estate brokerages offer commission rebates?

A very few do but most realtors have a sense of entitlement regarding their commission and the idea of providing a commission rebate is a foreign concept to them. And because commission rebates are one of the best kept secrets in real estate, agents can often get away with keeping the entire commission.

Why is your rebate percentage higher on more expensive homes?

A $500,000 purchase is not twice the work of a $250,000 purchase, yet the commission is double. Therefore, we can provide a higher rebate percentage for higher priced homes - up to 50% of our commission - and still make good money.

Suppose the seller is giving you a bonus in addition to the real estate commission?

We believe these bonuses should be disclosed to buyers and we include them in our rebate calculation - which is a lot more than some of the other real estate brokerages that offer commission rebates.

If you are considering buying a home we can help you save money:

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*Commission rebates are paid to home buyers who have signed an exclusive buyer's agreement with Lucid Realty and close on real estate purchased above $200,000 with Lucid Realty under that agreement. Rebates depend upon the cooperating commission paid but are usually at least 10% of the commission plus incentives actually received by Lucid Realty at the close of the transaction for representing the buyer, net of any allowances or other deductions related to the transaction. Rebates on more expensive homes can be as high as 50% of the cooperating commission. Rebates on short sales will be lower as a result of additional effort required and are also subject to approval by seller's lender. Speak to your Lucid Realty broker for details on how much you can expect to save.