Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Lucid Realty different?

We are a full service, discount real estate brokerage with a bit of an attitude. Most discount services cut a lot of corners. We don't. Furthermore, we really aren't that impressed with what passes for "full service" at most of the full commission brokerages either. With our use of employees, not contractors, and our vast experience running real customer service oriented companies we have built a decidedly better real estate company. Check out our story.

How can you afford to offer full real estate services at a discount?

Our research indicates that the traditional real estate firm is tremendously inefficient. The average agent only spends about half of his/her time productively working with buyers and sellers. There are other sources of inefficiency in the industry as well. With our business model our agents are much more productive and we pass those savings along to you. If you'd like to learn more about our research into the industry and how money is wasted you can request a copy of our white paper.

Why don't you have photos of your agents on your Web site?

Most real estate firms have photos of their agents on their Web site and their agents put their photos on just about anything they can get their hands on. We've always found this practice a bit odd and, frankly, we think it's cheesy. We don't think selecting a real estate firm should be a beauty contest. We suspect that the motivation for the photo proliferation is to help create a personal connection between you and the agent. The greater the connection, the less likely you are to try to negotiate the commission down!

However, should you feel that you really need pictures of us in order to make a decision we would be more than happy to send you free 5x7 glossies. Just request photos here.