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Lucid Realty's realtors provide full service yet sell homes with lower fees.

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Discount Real Estate Commissions

Chicago discount real estate broker

We spend more time working with clients and less time trying to get clients so we can charge less

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Chicago discount real estate broker

Expensive homes don't cost twice as much to sell as average priced homes so we can charge a lower commission percentage

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How Sellers Save Thousands With Our Discount Commissions.

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Full Service Means We Check Every Box.

Your highly rated agent's real estate market expertise.

  • Meet to discuss your selling objectives
  • Evaluate your home's key selling features
  • Recommend cost effective improvements
  • Provide staging advice
  • Prepare real estate market analysis and develop pricing recommendation
  • Develop marketing strategy
Chicago discount real estate agents

More comprehensive marketing of your home than many traditional real estate brokerages despite charging less.

High dynamic range real estate photos
  • High dynamic range photos beyond standard professional photos
home for sale web page
  • Custom property Web page
real estate social media marketing
  • Social media marketing
real estate photo captions
  • Captions on all listing photos
real estate for sale emails
  • Emails targeted to area real estate agents
real estate web sites
  • Distribution on every real estate Web site including all brokerages
For sale sign with property rider and flyers
  • For sale sign with property rider and flyers
real estate brochures
  • Professional brochures and flyers
real estate open housess
  • Broker and public open houses

Your agent's attention every step of the way. Unlike other brokerages...

Top discount real estate agents

Or Save Even More Money!


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A brilliant alternative to our normal discounted real estate commission
• You get our real estate expertise but only pay us for the work we do
• You pay us an hourly rate and out of pocket expenses
• No extra work for you
• Makes the most sense for
1. Sellers of higher priced homes
2. Sellers that don't need much help

We may be the only real estate brokerage that will work by the hour. Some people who thought they would sell a house themselves ultimately decided that this was the best way for them to lower their selling cost without having to lift a finger.

Please contact us by phone or Email  for our current hourly rate.

If you are considering selling a home we can help you save money:

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** Where customary. *Real estate commission discounts apply to homes expected to sell for more than $200,000. Commission for buyer's agent is at the discretion of the home seller with the advice of their real estate agent.